Cute Animals - Printable Coloring Book for Children (Digital Edition)

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Did you know that by carrying out regular creative practices, children can develop artistic motivation, stimulate their imagination and become increasingly inventive! But also: learning to color within the lines will help to further develop the fine motor skills of your child, and let's not forget: it's great fun!

This coloring book is unique in it's kind and it makes a perfect gift for children. It comes with over 30 full size coloring pages, but also with a half size illustration of the coloring page. It's perfect for your child to add extra elements or to try out different colors before using them on the large coloring page.

Underneath that illustration there is box where your child can learn to draw the illustration! To help them a little bit there is a very light colored outline of the cute animal. They can use it to trace it or to draw it in their own style. It's great fun and very educative if you do it together!

The book also comes with several tips on how to help children with coloring. Like how to correctly hold art tools, technique and how to encourage them.

- Created for kids age 3-10 (but honestly, every age can have fun with this)
- Learn to color and learn to draw your favorite animals!
- Created with stimulating creativity and fun in mind
- Each illustration is hand-drawn by a talented illustrator. Each animal looks super cute, but is still very recognizable.
- They are also called by name, so while coloring your children will learn the name of the animal.
- 30 unique animals
- 4 bonus coloring pages included
- Valuable creative coloring tips for children included

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So why should you buy the digital edition? Well, that way you can print the favorite coloring pages over and over again for your kids! Or print them out for a birthday celebration or other occaccion. You can make unlimited prints, but for private use only.

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  • The digital version of the Cute Animals Coloring Book - LIMITED TIME SALE

  • Size
    5.89 MB
  • Length
    74 pages
  • The digital version of the Cute Animals Coloring Book - LIMITED TIME SALE
  • Size5.89 MB
  • Length74 pages
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Cute Animals - Printable Coloring Book for Children (Digital Edition)

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